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Specialized Dry Eye Diagnosis and Treatment at Mohawk Eyecare

Dedicated Eye Doctors in New Castle
Mohawk Eyecare

We are dedicated to providing the highest level of eye care to all our patients and provide vision care to your whole family as if they were our very own. At Mohawk Eyecare, we offer a large range of services and perform eye exams, emergency care, vision therapy, dry eye treatment and manage a variety of ocular diseases.

We believe that educating our patients is a key factor in keeping their eyes healthy. Our expert staff takes the time to discuss and answer any questions you might have and supply you with the most up-to-date information to help you maintain excellent eye health.

Call today to book an appointment and receive the quality attention that you deserve.

Our Optometrists go beyond 20/20

Dr. Danielle Bianco
Dr. Bianco completed her Doctor of Optometry degree in 2003 at the Pennsylvania College of Optometry in Philadelphia, PA.  She received her fellowship award in 2018 from the College of Syntonic Optometry in Syntonics, a branch of ocular science that deals with the application of selected light frequencies through the eyes to treat patients who have inefficient visual function. Dr. Bianco practices full-scope optometry for all ages but specializes in the areas of developmental optometry, vision therapy, syntonic light therapy, and neuro-optometric rehabilitation for patients with traumatic brain injuries. She is a member of both the College of Syntonic Optometry and the Neuro-optometric Rehabilitation Association....
Dr. Rachel Carver
Dr. Carver attended Penn State University, receiving her B.S. in Life Science in 2008. She continued her education at Chatham University where she received a Master of Science degree in 2009. Dr. Carver earned her Doctor of Optometry degree from the Pennsylvania College of Optometry at Salus University in 2013. Following graduation, she completed a residency at the Northport Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Northport, NY specializing in primary eye care, vision therapy, and low vision rehabilitation. Dr. Carver practices full-scope optometry for all ages including comprehensive eye exams, specialty contact lens fittings, and ocular disease management. She has experience...

What Makes Mohawk Eyecare Unique?

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Restoring Vision and Quality of Life

Neuro-optometric rehabilitation is an effective treatment for people experiencing visual problems caused by brain trauma and various neurological conditions.

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Giving Athletes an Edge Over Their Competition

Sports vision training offers evidence-based exercises to enhance an athlete's vision abilities to help them take their game to the next level.

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Restoring Visual Function and Balance Through Light

Syntonic phototherapy treats visual dysfunctions and can help with reducing the effects of brain injuries, stress, trauma and concussion.

Dry Eye Products

Dry eye syndrome can significantly affect your quality of life, causing discomfort, irritation, and even vision problems. Managing this condition effectively often requires lifestyle changes and specialized products.

At Mohawk Eyecare, we are committed to providing dry eye care and take pride in offering a range of PRN products scientifically designed to ease dry eye symptoms and improve overall eye health

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senaptec sensory station for sports

Sports Vision Training: The Senaptec Sensory System

This article explores personalized sports vision training in . It covers the advanced Senaptec Sensory System and highlights Dr. Rachel Carver’s expertise in enhancing athletic...
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Innovative Dry Eye Treatments in Mohawk Eyecare

Struggling with dry eyes? Mohawk Eyecare in New Castle offers innovative treatments with Inmode Forma and Lumecca. Learn how these advanced therapies can provide the...
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Improve your child’s confidence with vision therapy

Vision therapy can be an effective tool for helping children with vision problems and can go a long way in building a child’s confidence.
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Eye Exam Saves Woman’s Life by Detecting Brain Tumor Early

Here's how eye exams helped save Katie's vision and quality of life. Call Mohawk Eyecare to schedule your appointment.

Vision Therapy In New Castle, Pennsylvania

Succeed with Vision Therapy

Poor visual skills can obstruct one's ability to succeed in school, work and sports. Vision therapy develops and enhances the fundamental visual skills and abilities, which leads to increased visual comfort and enhanced information processing.

When the eyes and brain learn to work together as a team, visual function improves, allowing the child the best opportunity to achieve to their potential at school.

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At Mohawk Eyecare - we not only offer comprehensive eye exams and prescribe glasses or contacts, but we take our time to listen to your story and develop a complete picture of your ocular and medical history. Your eye health and peace of mind is important to us.