At Mohawk Eyecare, we provide comprehensive care to meet the vision needs of our patients. Our optometrists offer pre- and post-operative care for patients undergoing LASIK eye surgery or other laser vision surgical procedures. Our goal is to help you attain the clearest vision possible using advanced technologies.

Evaluation and Referral

LASIK (laser assisted in situ keratomileusis) surgery and other laser vision corrective procedures use the latest advancements in technology to provide faster recovery times and precise results. These surgical procedures have been effective in treating myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism and other eye conditions. At our office, we provide evaluations and referrals for patients interested in laser vision corrective surgeries such as LASIK. Our optometrists perform a complete review of your patient history as well as a full assessment of your eye health and vision. A current exam is important in order to determine if you are a surgical candidate and if there are any other factors that may affect your results. The history review enables our optometrist to determine if your prescription is stable and if you are healthy enough to consider surgery.

Once our doctors have determined that you are a surgical candidate, you will be given a referral to the laser vision surgery center we work with on an ongoing basis. The center will perform advanced diagnostic testing and will evaluate your eligibility for surgery. Various surgery options will be discussed with you if you are determined to be a surgical candidate. We will be in correspondence with the center regarding your evaluation and surgical determination.


Post-Operative Care

Once your surgery is scheduled, we will schedule follow-up appointments for you in our New Castle office. Typically, you will begin these follow-ups the day after the surgery and continue at prearranged times over the following six months. Even after the laser corrective procedure, yearly comprehensive eye exams are still highly recommended in order to continually evaluate your vision and eye health. Our doctors are experienced in working with patients pre- and post-operation and will answer any questions that you have along the way.

If you are considering laser vision corrective surgery, call us at (724) 667-2020 to schedule a consultation